Vapeur — Cochonne

Vapeur's Cochonne

is a Belgian brewery in the heartland of Belgian Saisons, Hainaut.  SE of Brussels, close to the border with France, many of the great saisons come from this area.  This particular brewery is steam powered, hence the name.  I have never had one of their beers before, but saw a bottle on the shelf in RSVP in Portland, and bought it to give it a try.

Tasting — Beer comes in a 750 mL bottle, capped with a cork.  9% abv.  The initial pour shows good carbonation, about 3 fingers, which quickly collapses down.  Dark copper color, with a slight haze. The nose is very fruity, cherry, raisin,  followed by a malty sweetness, and a marked musty, earthy note, like a pungent mushroom.  The taste is very fruity, dark fruits again dominate with some tropical notes, with a pronounced malty sweetness, followed by the same earthy note and some bitterness, but this finishes a bit on the sweet side.  Has a thicker mouthfeel, but not too viscous.

My wife’s comment was “It smells a bit like a zin.”  She drank it, said it was good, but not something she would seek out again.  I have to agree.  I like it, but it was  too fruity and sweet for my taste.  I was expecting something more like a saison, and I got something completely different.  However, it was nothing if not interesting, and I would certainly try some of their other beers in the future.

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