Madrugada Obscura

Madrugada Obscura -- Dark Dawn Stout

I have developed a deep appreciation for brews, and one of the more intriguing is their stout.  Brewed only in the winter, this bottle was actually from 2010.  I found it sitting on a shelf in a liquor store in Michigan when I was back visiting family, so I picked it up.   I have never had a sour stout before, but the idea is intriguing, as I love sours, and I love stouts.  The coffee/roasty notes I could see working very well with the brettanomyces cherry pie and citrus notes.  .  I had heard the podcast, but never had the beer, until today.

Taste:  This pours jet black, and appears thick coming out of the bottle, the head is tan.  It has a nice carbonation.  The first thing you smell on the nose is sour cherry with roasty aromas, coffee and chocolate.  There is a bourbon, vanilla note as well, I believe from the barrel aging.  I did not really appreciate much in the way of hops in the aroma, but this beer is well over a year old and they could have faded.  The taste is more of the same, coffee and some cocoa notes with a sudden pop of sour cherries, and some bitterness at the end.  This beer finishes very tart and dry.  It was surprisingly light in body, I expected something much more viscous from the pour.

Ok, I really enjoyed this beer, enough so that I think my next sour will be a stout.  The combination of the brett with the roasted flavors was outstanding.  It did remind me a bit of my Sour Cherry stout, but this was a more complex beer in flavor, and there were no cherries actually added to the beer.  I really enjoyed it, and wish I had another bottle.

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