Dark Horse Brewing — Perkulator

Perkulator by Dark Horse Brewing

Another beer I found while visiting family in Michigan, from a brewery I had not heard of previously.  is out of Marshall, MI.  The idea of a coffee doppelbock was interesting, and I decided to give it a shot.

Color — dark brown with reddish hints when held to the light.  Nice head that hangs on.

Aroma — coffee, chocolate, roasted malt, slight spice which I think is hops.

Taste — coffee, with a sweet malty note in the middle, with a nice coffee aftertaste, and a slight bite from the hops.  Not as much roast as I was expecting, pretty smooth, with a middle of the road body

Critique — I can see why this is a coffee doppelbock, and not a porter or stout.  It does not have the stronger roasted notes you get in stouts and porters, more a round malty flavor, but the roasted coffee flavor is pretty well integrated.  I don’t think it plays as well as it would in a stout, as roast is not really the hallmark of a doppelbock, but still fun idea.  Fermented pretty cleanly, I don’t get much ester in this, mostly just coffee and malt with a nice bitterness at the end.  This has the coffee flavor integrated much better throughout the beer, not just one note like the Atwater.  I find this enjoyable, but would really like to try the straight doppelbock underneath without the coffee.

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