Lambic #2 — Tasting Straight Unblended Lambic

Lambic #2

Well, I cracked open my first bottle of my Lambic #2.    This beer was made with East Coast Yeast’s Bug Farm.  All I can say is, what a difference the bugs make.  If you have not had a chance to try East Coast Yeast’s products for sours, please do.  I think they are far superior to what you get from Wyeast or White labs.

Tasting — Pours a straw yellow, hazy, faint bubbles on the glass, but very little carbonation.  The aroma is musty, with that traditional “horsey” smell with a sharp lemon tang.  No hops.  The beer is thin, very sour.  There is a sharp lemon/citrus taste, with some of the barnyard/grass and mineral notes.  It finishes with long tart bite.

Critique — This is much more what I had in mind when I made my first lambic.  Sharp, tart, complex, very refreshing.  I am very happy with the beer.  However, I am not happy with my carbonation.  Carbonation is going to add more of a bite, which this beer does not need, but it also gives you that perfume of the beer when you first smell it.  I don’t want a ton, but some noticeable fizz would be nice.  I bottled this, and it was dead flat, so I added more sugar then I usually do.  This time I pitched 1g of rehydrated champagne yeast per gallon of beer with 1 oz of dextrose per gallon, and all I got was very slight bubbles on the glass.  I am very happy with the beer, and am really looking forward to the other versions, but I am still drawing a blank on how to carbonate these.  Hopefully the wild bugs will do their job over the next few weeks to finish carbonating this beer.

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