Bell’s Brewing — Special Double Cream Stout

Bell's Special Double Cream Stout

Next up on my stout bonanza is Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout.  This is released in the fall/winter, this is one of Bell’s seasonal stouts.  If you are in Michigan in the winter, seek out their various stouts, you won’t be disappointed.

According to , this beer starts at a gravity of 1.075 and ends at a 6.1% ABV, give a final gravity around around 1.028. 8 malts and “no dairy products” are in this stout, so no lactose.

Appearance — Black, red highlights, with a light tan head.  The carbonation is middle of the road, and the foam hangs on to the bottle of the glass.

Aroma — Soft, roasty aroma, with some caramel sweetness coming behind.

Taste — Very creamy mouthfeel, you get the roasted flavors first, not overpowering but there, followed by some caramel sweetness, and a very mellow, roasted bitterness at the end, more from the grain then from any hops.  There is a faint peachy taste I get at the end when it warms up, but otherwise pretty clean with esters.  There is a residual sweetness left on the tongue.

Critique — This is a fine stout.  Creamy, smooth, roasty, malty sweetness balanced by the bitterness of the roast.  The balance of the roast and the sweetness is what sets this apart for me.  Many of the stouts I have had are either too much roast, or none at all.   This walks the line very nicely.  Hops are not a big part of this beer’s flavor, this is all driven by the malt.  I love this beer, and am going to have to figure out how to make something like it myself.

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