Maine Beer Company — Lunch

Lunch by Maine Beer Company

Lunch is an IPA by .  They have been making some very nice hop forward beers, a bit of a novelty here in Maine where English styles tend to dominate. I decided to try this after trying MO.

Appearance:  well carbonated, the head resolves slowly, and the lacing lasts to the bottom of the glass.  A copper/orange color,  slight haze.

Aroma:  spicy, resinous, herbal hops.  Not as much citrus as I usually expect.

Taste:  resinous taste that coats the tongue.  There is some malt sweetness to balance, but not too much.  I don’t get much of a crystal taste.  The beer is very hoppy, but not overly bitter, the hops are more on the nose and on the tongue, but not at the back.  It finishes with a slight, drying, bitterness.

Mouthfeel:  Nice body, not too light, with some dextrins to round it out.  The hops also seem to leave a resinous coating that enhances the fuller feel.

Critique:  A very well done IPA.  I like the hops quite a bit, not as much of the citrus, seemed more resinous and herbal.  The balance is good, it is not too sweet, but still some malt there.  I enjoyed this beer very much, and would definitely seek it out again.

Upon further searching, I see .  The hops are Warrior, Centennial, Simcoe, and Amarillo.  This kind of surprises me, as I got much more of an herbal/piney flavor, and I think of more fruity notes, particularly citrus and tropical fruit flavors with most of  those hops.  However, I have not used Warrior, and what I have read reports it as both lemony and piney, so that maybe where the pine is coming from.  The Vienna makes sense, the beer had a decent malt backbone, but I did not get too much caramel in it.  Some of the scuttle butt about MO is that it was actually a version of Lunch with a different hop schedule.  Now, I want to go back and try them side by side.

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