Brew Day — Mt. Ranier SMASH

I was at a local store, and they had a hop I was not familiar with, .  I like the descriptions I saw, more Noble, with hints of citrus and licorice.  I am always looking for new hops to try, particularly outside of the usual “C” hops, just to see what else is out there.  As this is a new hop for me, I decided to make as simple beer, that will really highlight the hops.  I also took this opportunity to try two other ingredients for the first time.  The first up is by Muntons.  Basically, it is the English version of Pilsner, and thought it would be fun to try.  It is pretty light in color, and has more of a grassy note then I usually taste in British malts, but not as pronounced as say a German Pilsner.  To up the complexity a bit, I toasted 1# of the malt at 350F for 10 minutes, just enough to have it start to become aromatic.  This malt lost that grassy taste, and had a touch more of the toasty sweetness.  It did not darken much at all, so I don’t think this will impact the beer much.

First pint out of the kettle, allowed to settle

I usually take the first pint off the kettle when racking to the fermentor to do my gravity testing, and to let it sit to see it clear.  Looking at how it separated, the beer will be a nice golden color.

Finally,  I wanted to try a new yeast.  I have never tried , but the description of soft, clean, nutty, and slightly tart sounded like a winner.  I also wanted to bring out the hops more, so I adjusted my water with gypsum and salt to to 154ppm Sulfate and 71 ppm chloride.

9.00 lb       Lager Malt (2.0 SRM)                      Grain        90.00 %
1.00 lb       Toasted Malt (27.0 SRM)                   Grain        10.00 %
1.25 oz       Mt. Ranier [6.10 %]  (60 min)             Hops         25.5 IBU
0.75 oz       Mt. Ranier [6.10 %]  (30 min)             Hops         11.8 IBU
0.50 oz       Mt. Ranier [6.10 %]  (15 min)             Hops         5.1 IBU
1.50 oz       Mt. Ranier [6.10 %]  (0 min) (Aroma Hop-StHops          -
1 Pkgs        American Ale II (Wyeast Labs #1272)       Yeast-Ale

The beer was infusion mashed.  I did not use the HERM’s this time, and I let it mash at 153F and drift down to 145 over 75 minutes.  I then sparged, and collected 8.1 gallons of wort. This was boiled for 60 minutes, with the hops added as above.  The last hop addition was at flameout, with a 5 minute recirc without the chiller, then I turned on the chiller to bring the temp down to under 100F in about 20 minutes.  I then shut off the pump, let it sit 30 minutes, then racked into my carboy.  OG was 1.052, with a IBU/SG ratio of .083.   Yeast was pitched from a 1L starter, the fermentation temp is set at 67F.

Tasting notes posted here.

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