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This blog  is about my two main hobbies, homebrewing and woodworking.  Recently, I was sharing a recipe of one of my brews with an old friend.  As I was pulling up my old brewlogs and going through my recipes, I thought it would be fun to document my hobbies in a format that I can easily share.  Also, it is always great to get feedback from others interested in these subjects as well.  My wife has been blogging for years, and it has been a great tool for her, so I decided to give it a try.

During college, I was introduced to homebrewing.  After buying “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” I decided to take the plunge.  Two of my roommates and I tried our first batch, and while in retrospect I would say it was a little rough at the start, we ended up with….beer.  Not a bad thing to produce from a hobby.  I brewed my first solo batch, a pale ale, on October 20, 1993.  It was not a great beer, but it was mine, and good enough to encourage me to try again.  After a few more trials, I was hooked.  I enjoy the science behind it, as well as the historical significance.  Brewing also combines for me my love of food and its connection and reflection of the culture and environment from which it arises.   My educational background is in chemistry, and being a good little scientist, I kept records of all my adventures in brewing, learning alot in the process.  So, I thought I would add my two cents, as I continue to learn and enjoy this hobby, and continue my adventures in a more public format, so that others can come along for the ride if they wish.

My adventures in woodworking came from a much more practical place.  I live in Maine, having moved back to the state a few years ago.  I have young children, and we decided to get a swing set for them at our new house.  My wife wanted a wooden swing set, but not pressure treated, so that had us looking at cedar.  However, I took one look at the price on commercially available cedar swing sets, and decided no way I was paying that.  A few hours later, my wife dug up some plans we liked, and in a fit of yankee thriftiness, I launched into the process of building the thing.  Along the way, I really enjoyed it.    So began my exploration of woodworking.

4 Responses

  1. Excellent idea, John. Thanks for sharing. Though I don’t brew (yet), I find reading about the ingredients, process, outcomes, etc. very interesting. Can’t believe all the beers you have in play!

    • Thank you, I appreciate that. Yeah, I do have quite a few going, but many of them are sours that take 1+ year to really complete, and many of the others are over a year old. I enjoy the process very much, so I tend to brew a lot more then I will drink, which is why I am always looking for neighbors willing to ski over for a pint or two!

  2. Wow! Are you really my son? T Squirrel is a huge influence.

    • Yes, she is. She is also my technical advisor, which I am paying in office furniture and beer, so it is working out for everyone involved.

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